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Sunrise Project Aims

The main aims of the project were to:

  • Replace the existing Cash Sheet spreadsheet
  • Produce accurate, timely and scheduled management information
  • Eliminate manual transposition of data from management reporting
  • Impose daily visibility and central control of cash flow across the estate


The sunrise system was implemented in both the R4 practices and Exact practices using a number of modules:

  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Banking
  • UDA Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports

The Cash Reconciliation module provides the following capabilities:

  • Reconciliation of financial transactions from the Practice Management System, using a very easy workflow, requiring the minimum of user interaction.
  • Trial balances can be run at any time so that mistakes are detected early and corrected before final reconciliation.
  • Entry of Petty Cash transactions.
  • During the workflow, denominations of notes and coins in the till are entered and automatically reconciled against the PMS systems receipts. This is required to balance to zero, but unresolved balances can be processed via an adjustment code and explanation.
  • Each day's reconciliation is given a unique batch number for audit purposes.
  • Once all the monies have been entered, the system creates invoices and receipts categorised by fee earner, NHS, Private, Sundries etc.
  • These reports are then sent to Head Office, with a summary email to the Practice Manager.


  • In parallel with Cash Reconciliation, the Banking module ensures that all monies due to be banked agree with the actual amount banked.
  • Any discrepancies require an authorisation code from management.

UDA Analysis and KPI Reports

  • These reports are automatically run daily or weekly
  • The key advantage for Oasis is that these reports provide additional data to the standard PMS reports and are formatted to suit their needs. Also these reports have a common format irrespective of the PMS system from which they originate, making consolidation easier for central management.


Following the implementation across the estate, Oasis have found that the new system has reduced the number of errors that were made in the past, and indeed has highlighted errors that were not even identified. Financial control is much tighter, due to the rigorous checks within the system.

All practices are now using the system sucessfully, and the old Excel Cash Sheets will be phased out soon. Oasis have also decided to deploy the Databell solution at all practices using the Orthodontic practice management system.

It is now much faster to reconcile the takings at the end of the day, and the overhead required to produce the UDA and KPI reports is minimal, since this is now completely automated.


The Future

So successful has the Sunrise project been, Oasis is already engaged in an extensive development project throughout 2010-11 to extend and further enhance the data capture and reporting functionality offered by the Databell solution.

  • As new practices are acquired, Sunrise will be installed as part of the IT implementation.
  • Further integration between Sunrise and the corporate systems is planned to simplify the migration of data.
  • Orthodontic practices using Orthotrac will also use Sunrise when the necessary enhancements are completed.


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